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Download West Central Scholarship Application

All pages of the application MUST be typed or computer generated. The first page must have your name and address centered vertically and horizontally. Do not put anything else on this page. The second page is to be a letter describing your future educational interests and goals and the experiences that influenced your educational decision. Do not identify yourself by name or implication in this letter. Your letter should be one page maximum. Make the salutation of your letter to:

West Central Scholarship Committee

The third page is to be a list of your school and community activities. 

Turn in your completed applications into the Guidance Office by Friday, March 22, 2024. Scholarship winners will be announced at the Senior Awards Night.


Affordable College: 

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INvestEd is a free resource for Hoosier students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid.  At INvestEd, we help families understand how to fund college wisely to help minimize potential education debt.
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Scholarship Research:  
Click here

Scholarship Reviews
You may have noticed that there is no shortage of information about the numerous scholarships available to students. found a common pain point among students was finding tools to sort through all the available scholarships to find those that would be most applicable to their situation. This guide is the result of over 200 hours researching 17 of the most popular scholarship search platforms that are currently available. These platforms were analyzed and audited  using five core metrics to identify key functionality, research tools, and useful student resources.

You can see the entire guide here:

ATTENTION 7th & 8th grade parents

What is 21st Century Scholars?The 21st Century Scholars program was established in 1990 to increase students’ aspirations for and access to higher education. The Scholars Program provides income-eligible students the opportunity to earn a scholarship that covers up to four years of tuition and regularly assessed fees. 21st Century Scholars supports eligible students and parents with the tools they need to prepare for college, graduate on time and begin a successful career. The scholarship is awarded on an annual basis. Scholars are provided resources and assistance to help them plan and prepare for college and pay for expenses not covered by their scholarship. The scholarship does not cover the cost of books or room and board.Enroll online before June 30th of 8th grade at

Scholarship Opportunities

American Legion Scholarship
Seniors, click to check out scholarship and financial aid information sponsored by The American Legion at this web site.

Electric AI Scholarship
The Electric NYCMobile Device Management IT Innovation Scholarship is an award for any current or soon-to-be undergrad who has a passion for innovating in the mobile IT (software or hardware) space. The scholarship has a brief submission process, and applicants will be judged on their ability to convey their idea for a useful innovation in MDM technology.  Click Here for more information

Jasper/Newton Community Foundation Scholarships  
Website Link:

Pulaski County Community Foundation Scholarships
The Community Foundation administers over 30 scholarships, including traditional scholarships for high school graduates and non-traditional scholarships for current college students and older adults. High School applications are normally available the first week in February and deadlines are mid-March.  Website Link:

PCCF Scholarship Descriptions PDF

William & Ricca Koster Memorial Trust Scholarship

Any student who meets the following criteria may complete the application at the link below (be sure to follow all directions listed in the application):

Must be a graduating senior who attends school at West Central High School
Must attach a copy of your high school transcript (7 semesters)
Must be in the top 20% of your class
Must attach a recommendation form from a teacher, administrator, coach, club sponsor, employer, pastor, or other non-related adult who has known you for a minimum of 2 years

Koster Application

Dicscover Accounting Scholarship Opportunities


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